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Your Initial Appointment

Our comprehensive examination process is much more thorough than examinations you may have previously experienced. Your first appointment is with Dr Andrew Newsom and is tailored to your specific needs and priorities.

This appointment takes 45 minutes to 1 hour and may include:

  • Thorough jaw joint analysis
  • Intra and extra oral soft tissue exam, including oral cancer screening and cranial nerve examination
  • Inspecting your teeth under magnification, looking for decay, cracks, or faulty restorations
  • Examination of your bite to assess whether the way you bite is damaging your teeth or causing pain in your head and neck
  • Intra and extra-oral x-rays of teeth, as well as extra and intra-oral photos to assist diagnosis
  • Thorough gum health analysis
  • Analysis of bone and gum quality for implant assessment
  • Impressions for planning your dental treatment

Details of procedures and fees are usually discussed at this appointment. If necessary a second appointment is made for record taking and the further development of a treatment plan.